Circle H Halal Profile and Beyond
Circle H Halal Profile and Beyond View

Prior Halal standards were restrained by local borders, limited authority, differing standards and goals, shortages of trained personnel, basic economics and politics. By contrast, Ⓗ™ ’s Halal Initiative unifies the Global Halal World with the first and only internationally recognized authority and brand to govern and implement Halal lifestyle compliant products and services under unified standards and across all eight economic “Sectors”: food, finance, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, media/entertainment, and healthcare.

➢Due to its globally represented and followed experts and advisors, Ⓗ™ has been endorsed as the premier accepted and respected universal legal, business and religious standard for Halal compliance.
➢ Ⓗ™ is the first and only Halal certifier authorized to cover all of the $10 Trillion global addressable markets Sectors, comprised of 1.8 Billion Muslims, as well as non-Muslims seeking a trusted source for international dietary, health and ethical lifestyle labeling guidance.
➢ Ⓗ™ certification offers companies both global acceptance and Ⓗ™ co-branding endorsement and value, under one consistent, reliable, uniform, consolidated source, speaking with one voice.

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