Shariah Compliant Hotel Concept And Practices

some attributes of the Sharia-Compliant Hotel as explained by some scholars. Zakiah & Fadhilah (2013)

quoted Henderson JC (2010) explained that the Sharia-Compliant Hotel as not serving the nun  Halal foods and no alcohol at the premises or hotels.

Thus, no minibar is allowed on the premises (Wan Shahida et al., 2011).

The Holy Book Quran must be put in the room and the room must be provided with the prayer mat and an arrow that indicating the direction of qi blat.

Furthermore, the beds and toilets positioned must not face the qiblah. The prayer room must be available on the premises and hotels and no inappropriate entertainment is allowed. 

     The hotel must be predominantly with Muslim staffs with a proper Islamic code of dressing. The salon, recreational facilities and swimming pool must be separated for men and women. There must be a separate room and floor for the unmarried couple between male and female. Furthermore, the tourists dressing code is also being taken into consideration. They probably must be covering the aurah and no gambling and alcohol drinks in the hotel lobby or restaurant as well as no prohibited foods and beverages in the hotel fridge; the funding operations of the hotel should adopt Sharia-compliant contracts and the owners of the premises or the hotelier must pay their zakat (Henderson JC (2010).                                                        

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