Circle H Certification Procedures

Circle H' Certification Procedure for Halal Scheme in compliance with UAE2055-2 & GSO-2055-2 2021

- Preparation:
Identify an accredited Halal certification body that complies with UAE.S 2055-2 and GSO 2055-2. Understand the specific requirements outlined in these standards.
- ​​​​​​​Application:
Submit an application to the chosen certification body. Provide comprehensive documentation about your products, processes, ingredients, and practices. Pay the required fees associated with the certification process.
- Document Review:

The certification body will thoroughly review the submitted documents to ensure they align with the requirements of UAE.S 2055-2 and GSO 2055-2.
- On-Site Inspection:

The certification body may conduct an on-site inspection to verify that your processes and practices conform to Halal standards. This involves assessing facilities, equipment, ingredients, and the overall production process.
- Sample Testing:

Samples of your products may be collected for laboratory testing. These tests are conducted to confirm that the products meet the Halal criteria defined in the standards.
- Review and Evaluation:

The certification body evaluates all collected information, including inspection reports, test results, and documentation, to determine if your products and practices are compliant.
- Decision:

Based on the evaluation, the certification body makes a decision regarding the issuance of the Halal certificate. If your products and processes meet the Halal standards, a certification is granted. In case of non-compliance, you will be informed about the reasons.
- Certification Issuance:

Upon receiving a positive decision, the certification body issues a Halal certificate. This certificate serves as official recognition that your products align with the Halal standards.
 - Surveillance and Renewal:

Your Halal certification typically has a defined validity period. During this period, the certification body may conduct periodic surveillance visits to ensure ongoing compliance. To maintain your certification, initiate the renewal process before the certificate expires.