Ⓗ™ Hospitality Star Rating System

Circle H International has developed a new Star Rating System for lodging and hospitality. The System is designed to inform travelers of the various standards, amenities, conveniences and levels of service offered generally to guests at hotels, motels, inns and resorts. It also evaluates specific accommodations made for the practice and enjoyment of Halal lifestyle. The System includes consideration of location; area; levels of rooms, facilities, conveniences, dining, transportation, concierge and other general and personalized resources and services; transportation; as well as shopping, entertainment, leisure, prayer and other activities on premises and in the area, and more.

Ⓗ™ Star Rating Grades






5-Star U-L.

Benefits of Circle H's Rating Systems


Worldwide Acceptance

Circle H is the international leader and only globally recognized Halal accreditation service for the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.



Circle H's Star Rating System has been benchmarked against leading hospitality rating systems and best travel industry standards and practices, to ensure consistency, trust, familiarity and reliability, both for owners and customers.


Good Business, Good Marketing

Joining Circle H's Star Rating System presents tremendous opportunity for hoteliers to expand business to an addressable Islamic market of over $300 billion, consisting of almost 2 billion tourists seeking welcoming accommodations.



Our standards are followed and trusted by 95% of Halal conscious leisure and business travelers worldwide, who know they can rely on Circle H.


Unparalleled Support

We help evaluate your current offerings and provide recommendations to increase your rating, in order to better attract Muslim travelers.


Match to Your Customers

Circle H's System helps you set expectations and match to your target customers more precisely and transparently, for much better experiences and outcomes.

Increase Your Business and Success. Get your Hotel Circle H certified and rated today!