The Future of Halal - Circle H Certified Digital Platforms

As part of its Mission to connect all aspects of the entire Islamic World, From Local to Global™, Circle H is working with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the African Union, the Arab Union, the United Nations, over 100 countries, many NGO’s and strategic business leaders and influencers to implement and certify, uniquely and exclusively under unified Circle H Global Halal Standards and the Ⓗ™ brand, cutting-edge, forward thinking, transformative business and economic solutions through digital platforms:
Supply Chain.
A platform for registry and tracking, verification and confirmation, from “farm to table,” for goods and services throughout the supply chain. This platform provides comprehensive, secure information that confirms and verifies status, profile and details (including shipping, Bills of Lading and other paperwork), while also furnishing relevant data for ministries and partners, including for authenticity, quality and quantity control and tracking and transit status, taxation, import/export, agriculture, health (including FDA), custom clearance, pricing, compliance, logistics and more. This system will isolate and discover problems quickly and early, including for food and dangerous matters. Examples: Halal, Kosher, vegan, non-GMO and other certified food;crude oil and gas; cosmetics, apparel, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.
NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).
A platform for sharing and exchanging digital assets, expressions and information (including art, music, videos, podcasts, broadcasts, VIP and special events and announcements, real estate and other property records, educational courses, and exclusive or interesting content) designed and certified to be Halal, authentically verified and unable to be duplicated. Content is designed and made available for the whole world – Muslim, Christian and Jewish, not just Halal, and can include physical representations of digital art. For example, the real estate NFT’s will provide the first secure, reliable global Islamic system for certifying and verifying property ownership and status (such as for mortgages, taxes and liens) for governments, banks, insurance companies, owners and renters.
Digital Banking.
This platform will allow Muslims to open halal bank accounts online, with a digital wallet, for full banking capabilities including mortgages, credit cards, savings accounts and all banking services, as well as Halal Bonds, in a Sharia-compliant manner.
Digital Currency.
A digital currency (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) that is decentralized and operates on the blockchain. However, this currency will be uniquely halal, a store of value backed by real assets, and will be capable for use to purchase products and services.
Digital Wallet.
A central, digital platform housing multiple forms of payments and other important information and data such as credit cards, airline and event tickets, identification documents, digital currencies, insurance for car, travel or life, and making buying easier. Halal from inception and accepting Sharia-Compliant methods of payment to be stored, this technology will be supported by central banks and open access to the global economy.
Online Trading.
A platform and related applications to allow institutional (B2B) securities trading, as well as consumer (B2C) capabilities to buy/sell Halal stocks, bonds, ETFs and other financial assets, globally expanding accessibility, recognition, value and trade for Islamic securities and other financial assets.
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Star Rating System.
A platform dedicated to travel, tourism and related lodging, dining, shopping, entertainment, leisure, cultural and other activities and arrangements (including Halal travel insurance), but all of which are uniquely curated to be certified as Halal and available all over the world. Offerings will include VIP and regular packages for Haj and Umrah pilgrims; religious and cultural packages for Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Middle East; and other experiences organized for the convenience, safety, reliability and enjoyment of travelers. Circle H has established a Halal Hospitality Star Rating System, and is working with hotel owners to establish a global halal hotel network associated with this platform.
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