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Welcome to the Ⓗ™ website. Go anytime, anywhere around the globe, with the trusted Ⓗ™ brand as your gateway to healthy, wholesome Halal Lifestyle products and services across all eight (8) economic Sectors of finance, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, media/entertainment and health care. Explore our international portals and apps with the knowledge and comfort that Ⓗ™ will be there to provide you with easy access to, and allow you to become part of, a unified Global Halal world. Circle H is the only internationally recognized authority empowered to certify and license its unified Ⓗ™ standard from the most prominent religious leaders and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in the world, including from the following renowned universities Al-Azhar University in Egypt and 14 other major Islamic Universities; the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); and 10 major international associations in 10 countries. The great majority of all Muslims worldwide follow these authorities. Circle H is also the first to forge strategic alliances with various governments, NGO’s and global leaders and businesses, all of which have recognized Circle H’s unique, essential and reliable role and value in the moral, health, welfare and economic development of the Muslim World.

Connecting All Aspects of The Entire Islamic World, From Local To Global™, Under Unified Circle H Global Halal Standards And The Ⓗ™ Brand.
An Islamic World Of Wholesome, Healthy, Developed Halal Living And Productivity, Enjoying Products And Services Protected By One Set Of Circle H Global Halal Standards And The Trusted And Reliable Ⓗ™ Brand.
Close the Halal Lifestyle Circle, From Local To Global™, with Ⓗ™ World Class Integrity, Trustworthiness, Reliability, Service and Best Practices.
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