Sharia Council Ⓗ™

•This letter is written to confirm that we each recognize Circle H International, Inc. as well as its licensee and/or other assignees and designees (individually and collectively, called Circle H)  as the sole creator, owner and custodian to implement, the highest, most encompassing and only approved international Circle H (Ⓗ™) trademark and brand of Halal certification and Sharia Standards for Halal;

•We each declare and hold the Ⓗ™ brand and Ⓗ™ Standards for Halal, as owned, promulgated and managed by Circle H and implemented, to be the sole, exclusive and premier accepted and respected universal legal and moral standard and authoritative rulings of Halal Sharia compliance and adherence (called, Circle H Global Halal Standards), including within and across all eight (8) lifestyle sectors of food, finance, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, media/entertainment and healthcare (Sectors), for the entire Muslim World (Global Halal World);

•We each recognize and endorse the unique, essential and reliable value of Circle H and its international, regional and local representatives, the  Ⓗ™ proprietary symbol and brand, and Circle H Global Halal Standards to the moral, health, welfare and economic development of the Global Halal World across all Sectors; and,

•We each remain an active and ongoing participant and supporter in the development, circulation, dissemination, implementation and worldwide primary acceptance of the Circle H Global Halal Standards, including through the Circle H Sharia Advisory Council. 

 Darul Ifta Australia 
Darul Ifta Australia 
Mufti Faisal Reda
 Muslim World League
Muslim World League
Sheikh Mansour bin Abdul Rahman Al - Barghash
 Organization of Islamic Co-operation
Organization of Islamic Co-operation
Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Uthaymeen
 Fiqh Council of North America
Fiqh Council of North America
Hussein Hamed Hassan
 Council of Senior Scholars KSA 
Council of Senior Scholars KSA 
Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh.
 Al-Azhar Al-Sharif
Al-Azhar Al-Sharif
Ahmed EL Taeeb
 Dar Aftea Malaysia
Dar Aftea Malaysia
Sheikh Zulkafl al-Bakri

1- Prof. Dr. Abbas Abdallah Abbas Sulaiman Shouman, Chairman of the Sharia Board for the Rakha Fund at the United Bank
2- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nabil Ghanayem, Chairman of the General Sharia Board at the United Bank
3- Prof. Dr. Abdel-Hadi Zarie, Scientific Supervisor of the Fatwa Committee in Al-Azhar
4- Prof. Dr. Saeed Amer, Assistant Secretary of the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar
5- Prof. Dr. Sabry Abdel-Raouf Mohammed, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies – Girls Section in Al-Azhar University
6- Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed AlYahya, former Secretary General of the Supreme Judicial Council "President of the Court of Appeal"
7- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammadin Al-Shanqeety, Former Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Naif Arab University
8- Prof. Dr. Iyad Ahmed Ibrahim, former Dean of the Faculty of Criminal Justice
9- Dr. Marwan bin Musalit Al-Baqmi. Dar Al Uloom University in Riyadh, Assistant Secretary General for Lawyers Affairs in the Kingdom
10- Dr. Abdul-Aziz bin Saud Arab, Member of the Saudi Fiqh Association and Associate Professor of Fiqh at Taif University
11- Dr. Majed Marzouq Al-Kharrasi, Professor of International Law at King Saud University
13- Prof. Walid bin Rashid bin Saeedan, Retired university professor from Dalam Scientific Institute

1- Dr. Abdullah Roshdy
2- Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Oraify, Member of the Association of Muslim Scholars and also a Member of the Supreme Commission for Human Development of the Muslim World League
3- Sheikh Ibrahim bin Shayaa Al-Hugiel, Retired member of the Supreme Judicial Council
4- Dr. Fahad Ali Al-Qahtani, Lawyer and international arbitrator
5- Dr. Hazem Abdel-Rahim Sabah Al-Kilany
6- Dr. Mohammed Al-Sayed Mostafa Al-Hanbali
7- Dr. Omar Mohammed Roshdy Mohammed
8- Dr. Hisham Al-Sayed Al-Janayni
9- Dr. Ahmed Al-Hadi Al-Saeed
10- Dr. Fadel Mohammed Selim
11- Dr. Abdel-Fattah Ahmed Abu Kila

1- Al-Azhar AlSharif
2- The General Secretariat for Fatwa Authorities Worldwide (GSFOW)
3- Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
4- Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization
5- Islamic Financial Services Council
6- Organization of Islamic Cooperation
7- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Standardization Organization
8- Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC)
9- Islamic University in Uganda
10- Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR)

Circle H is partnering With Quick-Wins consulting, a worldwide consulting firm, In order to provide technical experts for each sector for the sake of developing Halal Products, auditing & assessing Halal certified bodies, technical training and consulting for Halal certified companies.