halal governance
Sharia Executive Committee of the Circle H Board of Trustees
Acts as a representative of the Board of trustees of Circle H International, Inc. (Circle H), which owns, maintains and develops uniform global Halal standards and lifestyle.
Sharia Advisory Council
Consists of the biggest and most influential Islamic figures around the world, discussing Halal questions or matters relating to the powers and functions of any Council committees, Halal initiatives, international Halal standards, certifications and inspections, and makes recommendations to the Sharia Executive Committee of Circle H.
Sharia Advisory Council Halal Sector Committees
Advisory Council Halal Sector Committees study, develop, advise and make recommendations to Circle H’s Executive Committee for operational issues and to the Sharia Advisory Council for Sharia-related issues. Each Sector Committee consists of employees and teams of an industry subject matter expert and a Sharia scholar to work collaboratively to initiate the sector certification process according to law.
Consultancy Committee
Reviews and advises on Sharia matters. Convenes during major events to endorse approved standards.