Before Ⓗ™, Existing Halal Standards And Lifestyle Were Restrained By Local Borders, Limited Authority, Differing Standards And Goals, Shortages Of Trained Personnel, Basic Economics And Politics. This Greatly Limited, Internationally, Who Could Learn, Work And Produce; What They Could Buy, Wear Or Eat; Where They Could Access, Use And Enjoy Products And Services; When Resources Were Available, Trustworthy Or Reliable; And Even How People Could Start, Finance, And Make Business.

ThenThen, Circle H International, Inc. Created The First Worldwide Proprietary Registered License For International Certification Of All Products And Services, To A Single Global Halal Set Of Religious And Quality Standards (Circle H Global Halal Standards), Under A Single Brand, Known As Ⓗ™.

Now, Ⓗ™ Is Your One And Only Source For Authoritative International Approval Of All Islamic Products And Services. By Consensus Of Numerous, Respected And Authoritative Global Muslim Scholars And Authorities, As Well As International Muslim Organizations, Advisors And Leaders, Ⓗ™ is The Premier Accepted And Respected Universal Legal And Moral Standard And Ruling For Halal Compliance And Adherence. These Standards Encompass All Aspects Of Halal Lifestyle, Including In The Primary Eight (8) Lifestyle Sectors Of food, finance, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, media/entertainment and healthcare, for the entire Muslim World. 's proprietary and internationally recognized authority and model of implementation and governance deliver an innovative, collective global approach to Halal compliant products, services, and lifestyle in all Sectors.