Circle H Ⓗ™ Certification Verify System

Circle H owns a smart-verify system to validate and check all Ⓗ™️ certifications, which can be issued for two purposes. After the Ⓗ™️ Certification is issued, companies verified by Circle H will receive various documents, such as audit reports, consulting reports, training reports, two (2) copies of Ⓗ™️ certifications, and QR code documents, which may only be printed over certified products.

  • Level for End consumers.
  • Level for Companies/ Customer clearance/ importers or other businesses or entities that may be concerned about your Ⓗ™ Certification.

Smart-Verify Systems for End Consumers:

The Ⓗ™Certification smart-verify system for end consumers depends on a QR code system. When a consumer scans the QR code on your certified products in supermarkets or anywhere else using a mobile camera, the consumer will get a web link that will direct to a verification of Ⓗ™ Halal certificate authenticity.

The following data will be shown:

  • Producer’s company name.
  • Product data, like main materials, packages, where it is produced.
  • Brand name.
  • Date of issuance of the Ⓗ™ Halal certificate.
  • Date of expiry of the Ⓗ™ Halal certificate.
  • Sometimes there may be comments on the product to other users.

If the certificate is not issued by Circle Ⓗ™, a warning message will appear to the consumers that the certificate is invalid, and the consumer must not accept this product as authentically Ⓗ™ Halal certified.

Level for Companies/ Customer clearance/ importers or others concerned about Ⓗ™ Certifications.

Ⓗ™ visitors, companies or individual users can search for certified companies with specific terms, as follows:

  • Certification search code.
  • Certified company sectors or eight halal sectors, which are defined by Circle Ⓗ™.
  • Companies in certain country.

The certified companies will receive many formal documents, including secret and search number certificate. Both are printed over the Ⓗ™ halal certification copies.