Benefits of Circle H Ⓗ™ Certification for Companies

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Of the many reasons why companies should seek halal certification for their products from Ⓗ™, here are just a few of the most important:

Accessing the lucrative OIC markets

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The 57-member country Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is highly lucrative, importing on aggregate $16 billion worth of meat and live animals just in 2017 (according to ITC Trade map).

Regarding the benefit most consistently cited by the industry, such as in discussions of how certification for UK-based businesses helps access the global market, Elsayed Zayan, CEO said, “The certificate provided by us is recognized by Circle H and the Shariah council. This allows our client easy access to global markets, as halal certification is mandatory for most of the food products to be exported or imported to these countries. Also, our certified food and non-food products, exported to the Middle East, enter the market relatively easily."

Advantages of Halal Certification to the Manufacturers and Producers:

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  • With Ⓗ™, international Halal recognition and acceptance of your product is possible from one source.
  • Improvement in brand image.
  • Expansion of Cross Border Trade opportunities.
  • Attainment of a sound edge over competitors.
  • Achievement of a more promotable and marketable product.
  • Creation of a more attractive, desirable product with a distinct logo of Halal recognition.
  • Enhancement of quality assurance, per Ⓗ™ international standards.
  • Ⓗ™ insignia is a trustworthy, autonomous and dependable acknowledgment to back Halal food claims.
  • Improvement of advertising and acceptance of products in Muslim countries/markets.
  • Through Ⓗ™ technology platforms and apps, you will have access to new customers and business opportunities never before imagined and customers will have confidence in your products, including through the Ⓗ™ Smart Verify System.

Appealing to the ever-stringent, and ever-demanding halal consumer:

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In Muslim-majority countries, particularly in South Asia and the GCC, it is naturally assumed that all food is halal by their large Muslim populations. However, increasingly, the discerning consumer is expecting proper certification, and hence halal certification is becoming an important marketing tool. Ⓗ™ is the only halal certification internationally recognized by the most prestigious and respected religious and other authorities.