Process Overview Of Ⓗ™ Certificate

The Halal Ⓗ™ Application Form is submitted by your company (as a manufacturer, supplier, services, transaction, tourism provider, distributer or Producer, etc.) with following credentials:

  • Company Name, Address, Contact information.
  • Product information, Processing and Plant Information, and the HS code for all products for which certification is sought.
  • Applicant should submit a list of all products produced by the company.
In respect of each Product requested for Halal Certification
  • Nature of Product (Food/Non-Food), HS code for each product.
  • Brand Name.
  • Ingredients, with sources.
  • Process Flow Chart.
  • Target Markets.
Ⓗ™ Pre-Qualification Process

The pre- qualification process stage aims at analyzing the complexity of your business on hand, which entails helping identify the amount of work that will be required to audit and certify the products or services.

  • The goals of this analysis include pricing the Halal compliance assessment.
  • 2. The synopsis is done through an application that details aspects of the business, such as the scope of the required certification, the number of products and product types, production process, equipment, ingredients, suppliers (and their locale), etc., and is protected by a non-disclosure agreement between Circle H and your company.
  • 3. Your application may be followed by an on-site visit (if needed), to assess additional details/ verify existing details related to the facility and processes.
Ⓗ™ Proposal

Based on the output of the pre-qualification stage, a price is quoted for the services and relevant services are defined. This proposal is then presented to your company. Depending on the scope of the service, a contract is drafted for the signature of the client. This contract is not considered a Certification Agreement but rather a contract to offer the services that support the client in obtaining the Halal certification.

Ⓗ™ Consulting Services

An assessment is conducted by an Circle Ⓗ™ Assessment Team, which is specific to your industry
The goal of the assessment stage is to determine the level of compliance of the business across a group of predefined standards specific to your industry.
A comprehensive report is prepared by the team indicating the halal compliance of the product or servicing entity or transaction for each of the required standards. In addition, the report includes detailed elaboration explaining why some aspects are marked as non-compliant.
The Sharia Board is consulted, when applicable, in the assessment stage.
A detailed report on all the compliant and non-compliant areas, in addition to the reasons of non- compliance, will be sent to you over the halal certification portals and/or your email.

Ⓗ™ Compliance Assessment

Circle Ⓗ™ offers consulting services to help your company to be fully compliant with the Circle Ⓗ™ standards and/or to create standards for an innovative product. This would be a translation of the findings of the compliance assessment into actionable steps. The Compliance Consulting Report will be sent to you over the halal certification portals and/or your email.

Ⓗ™ Training services

In addition to consulting service Ⓗ™, Circle H offers a training service for your technical team, to help them be fully compliant with the Ⓗ™ standards. The training needed is determined based on the output of the compliance assessment phase. This service offers technical training to help achieve compliance in relevant areas.

Ⓗ™ Certification

The Certification agreement can cover a product, a servicing entity or financial transactions. The scope of the certification is determined in the assessment application and contract. A Compliance Report and the Ⓗ™ Certification are issued and sent to you as two copies. A soft copy will be sent over the Ⓗ™ portal and your email. A hard copy will be sent to your recorded address in the Ⓗ™ portals, via express mail services with a tracking code.

Ⓗ™ certification Renewal

Towards the end of the expiration period, Circle H is available to perform a full audit, with the purpose of renewing your certification agreement. The results of this audit can be the renewal or withdrawal of the Halal Certification or a different certification grade. Your failure to engage Ⓗ™ for a certification renewal will result in the expiration and invalidation of your existing halal approval on the expiration date of your certificate.