New York (December, 2022):

The Circle H Sharia Advisory Council (Council) is pleased to announce issuance of a groundbreaking ruling (Fatwa), stemming from a carefully organized process, which included the support of a distinguished religious and scientific committee constituted to survey and analyze the definition and sources of stem cells, exosomes and biomaterials; distinguish between prohibited and permitted sources and uses; discuss and clarify limitations on use; and consult with a global community of renowned religious and scientific leaders and universities for input, feedback and recommendations. The Council then reviewed and considered all matters and formulated its ruling. It also directed Circle H to develop certification standards and take actions that support and implement the Fatwa, for the promotion of a healthy, wholesome and ethical (Halal) lifestyle by the faithful followers of Islam. 

The Council is also pleased to announce the first ever Ⓗ Halal certification stemming from this Fatwa, issued to Celularity, Inc. (Nasdaq: CELU) headquartered in Florham Park, NJ. Celularity’s inaugural Circle H annual assessment and certification permits use by Muslim patients of Celularity’s Biovance®, Biovance 3L and Biovance 3L Ocular, Interfyl® and CentaFlex™ products derived from the post-partum placenta obtained from informed consent donors, which has been determined to be an ethical source of cells, cell products, and other biomaterials. Additionally, Celularity’s business model, including Celularity’s Lifebank business model for placenta and cord blood banking, were also assessed and found to be organized in a manner consistent with and subject to ongoing Circle H Halal standards. 

The Council’s ruling included guidance to Circle H on the permissibility of taking and using adult stem cells and exosomes from human tissue if the person is not harmed and approves the process. Similarly, stem cells and other immune cells, exosomes and biomaterials derived from umbilical cords or placentas can be taken, stored, grown in bioreactors or Halal media, processed, and used in permissible scientific research and human treatment, so long as there is no risk of harm to the baby or mother and permission has been obtained from the parents. Prohibition against such uses include harvesting from a deliberately aborted embryo without medical justification, intentional insemination between an ovum donor and sperm donor, and therapeutic cloning. Limitations include taking all precautions and ethical considerations to avoid harm to the patient, ensuring that positive benefits sought from a treatment performed for honorable purposes (benefits to humanity) will lead to the anticipated improvement in condition, and not altering or harming G-d’s creation or the environment.

“The Council was prompted to address these serious matters in light of the scientific and medical revolutions occurring in the world with the potential to fundamentally influence and transform healthcare,” noted Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Rushdy, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Official Council Spokesperson and Council of Senior Scholars Member.

“Our tradition teaches that Islamic law is valid for every time and place, for its ability to accommodate contemporary issues, the development of sciences, the discovery of facts, the awareness of all the knowledge, and the consistency with all scientific facts,” declared the Sharia Advisory Council, its distinguished Members, Advisors, Associated Global Bodies, Authorities and Leaders. “We have a duty to rule on emerging scientific and medical issues, to ensure their ethical, healthy and wholesome use.”

“Access to Halal Certified products is important in wound healing and in orthopedic, regenerative and aesthetic medical procedures, including because of the prevalence of porcine-sourced products, which are not compliant with Halal standards, and bovine-sourced products, which may not be compliant,” observed Dr. Fahad Al-Gahtani, Global Executive Director of Legal Matters for the Council. “Halal Certification is also a critical regulatory metric in Islamic countries to reinforce that the products are ethical, healthy and wholesome when evaluating whether to approve their use.” 

Circle H Chairman Elsayed Zayan added, “We are grateful for the Council’s leadership, direction and support, and Circle H looks forward to implementing Halal certifications, consistent with the intent and meaning of this Fatwa, for the benefit of humanity worldwide.”

This Press Release provides just a brief summary of the Fatwa. No action or reliance should be taken without consultation, study and analysis of the full content, discussion, conditions and limitations of the Fatwa itself. Halal certification under the Fatwa can be obtained under the proper authority, guidance and assessment of Circle H.


Circle H International Inc. (Circle H) is an apolitical, not-for-profit, US-based, global organization. Its mission is to connect all aspects of the entire Islamic World, From Local To Global™, under the only unified international Halal standards and Ⓗ™ brand. 

Circle H is accredited and authorized by the most prominent governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in the world, including Al-Azhar Al-Sharif; General Secretariat for Fatwa Authorities Worldwide; Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC); African Union; Islamic Standards and Metrology Bodies; Council of Senior Scholars; Muslim World League; and Muslim Council of Elders. Religious leaders drawn from these prominent institutions sit on or advise Circle H’s Sharia Advisory Council, for development and support of its Halal standards. The vast majority of the 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide follow these renowned authorities. 

Circle H has uniquely forged strategic alliances with various governments, NGO’s and international leaders and businesses, all recognizing Circle H’s essential role in the integration and economic development of a $10 Trillion worldwide Islamic addressable market over the next few years, including in the Food & Beverage; Finance & Insurance; Pharmaceutical; Cosmetic; Travel & Tourism; Fashion; Media & Entertainment; and Healthcare economic “Sectors”. These alliances have also embraced Circle H’s broader global impact as an historic and unprecedented bridge for developing communication, international relations and trade between Western and Islamic Markets, producing a more prosperous, balanced and peaceful world. 

For more information on Circle H, please visit https://www.circlehinternational.org/ .

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